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1.1. The privacy policy of Auguste mediation (hereinafter also referred to as “we” or “us”) serves to inform you about the way your personal data are processed within our firm, as well as on and through our website which can be found via the following link: (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). Our privacy policy aims to ensure lawful and transparent processing of your personal data. However, it deserves some mention that our privacy policy does not necessarily coincide with the privacy policies of third parties or those of websites or applications referred to via hyperlinks on the Website. We kindly ask you to read this privacy policy carefully.

1.2. Auguste mediation is responsible for the processing of your personal data that it obtains when you visit the Website or when you communicate them. As data controller, we take all appropriate measures so that the processing would comply with the applicable data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter “AVG”). Both the employees of Auguste mediation and the service providers it engages who have access to your personal data have an obligation to comply with the AVG.

1.3. This privacy policy is made available to you physically or electronically and can be accessed at any time under the “Privacy Policy” section at the bottom of our Website. In case of requests or additional questions, you can always email An employee of Auguste mediation will generally inform you of the follow-up given to your request or question within thirty days of its receipt.

1.4. Auguste mediation reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Changes will always be announced on the Website.


  1. WHO ARE WE?

2.1. Company data

Auguste mediation with VAT number BE 0644.918.752 was founded under the legal form of a private limited liability company and has its registered office in 2000 Antwerp, Amerikalei 187.

2.2. Contact details

You can always contact us via the contact form found on the Website and as follows:

T 03 501 99 96

F 03 303 52 47





3.1. Auguste mediation processes your personal data for the following purposes:


To be in contact with you, to process and respond to any queries you may have and to provide you with the necessary information about us and our services;

To conclude and execute service agreements with you. Auguste mediation’s services may include, but are not limited to, providing advice, assisting in mediation, assisting in a negotiation, assisting in litigation and acting as (special) trustee;

client management, creation and management of a client file;

administration, billing, bookkeeping;

ensuring optimal operation of the Website;

complying with applicable legislation (see also below);

optimizing its services and the expertise of its lawyers by collecting case histories.

3.2. The processing of your personal data, whether or not on or through the Website, does not involve automated individual decision-making or profiling. Profiling is any form of automated processing in which certain personal aspects are evaluated on the basis of your personal data, in particular with the aim of analyzing or predicting your professional performance, economic situation, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, location or movements.




4.1. Auguste mediation processes your personal data if:

  • this is necessary for the conclusion and/or performance of service agreements with you or to take certain measures or actions at your request for the conclusion of such agreements; or
  • you have given your consent to this (e.g., by signing our framework agreement); or
  • this is necessary for the protection of the legitimate interests of Auguste mediation (e.g., for defense against liability claims, bringing legal actions) or of a third party, unless your interests or personal data protection rights would outweigh our interests; or
  • this is a legal obligation. For example, we are obliged to verify the identity of our clients under the Act of September 18, 2017 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and on the Restriction of the Use of Cash. In this context, we process your (personal) data as mentioned in Article 5.2 below.

4.2. In any case, from the moment you have consented to our privacy policy, you give Augustet mediation the free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent to process your personal data and you expressly agree to the manner in which they are processed as stipulated in this privacy policy.




5.1. We only process the following personal data of yours via the Website: your name, first name, telephone number, e-mail address and any other personal data you provide yourself in the contact form on the Website. These personal data are only processed insofar as you provide them to us (whether or not via the Website). However, their processing is necessary for the purposes set out in Article 3 above.


5.2. In the context of concluding and/or executing service agreements with you, we process (all or part of) the following (personal) data:

  • of natural persons: surname, first name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, date of birth, place of birth, company number, national registration number or passport number, home address and any residential address, profession, usual account number, copy of identity card or passport (front and back), copy of KBO registration, as well as all or part of the aforementioned (personal) data of any agent(s) of these natural persons
  • for legal persons: legal form, company name, trade name, registered office, place of business, KBO number, VAT number, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, copy of deed of incorporation and/or (coordinated) articles of association, usual account number, as well as all or part of the aforementioned (personal) data of directors and/or shareholders and/or beneficiaries and/or principal contact person(s) and/or any other agent(s) of these legal persons;


5.3. We also process judicial and/or criminal data insofar as this is necessary for the defense of your interests as a client and/or necessary for the establishment, exercise or substantiation of a (legal) claim.


5.4. We also process, inter alia, the following data: device data, log file data such as IP address, browser and operating system, the external website that referred you and the pages visited by you on the Website (and the date and time of the pages you visited). This data is processed automatically, solely for statistical purposes and for the purpose of further improving the Auguste Mediation Website. More information on the use of cookies on the Website can be found in our cookie policy.


5.5. The processing of the aforementioned (personal) data is necessary for the purposes set out in article 3 above.




6.1. The following (categories of) companies, institutions or entities may receive and/or process your personal data (whether or not as processors commissioned or instructed by Auguste mediation):


  • Auguste mediation’s IT provider(s) in the context of managing, maintaining, supporting and hosting the Website and Auguste mediation’s IT infrastructure;
  • Auguste mediation’s accountant(s) / auditors;
  • Auguste mediation’s insurance broker(s) and/or insurers;
  • the individual lawyers (including partners, associates and trainees (and their partnerships, if any) of Auguste mediation;
  • outside attorneys or substitutes who provide services to Auguste mediation in the capacity of subcontractors or with whom Auguste mediation collaborates;
  • bailiffs;
  • (sworn) translators;
  • notaries;
  • accountants, auditors or (court) experts;
  • executives;
  • Institutions associated with the legal profession, such as but not limited to the Order of Flemish Bars, local Bar Associations, Bureau of Legal Assistance in the context of pro bono files;
  • other subcontractors, suppliers, external service providers of Auguste mediation or with whom Auguste mediation collaborates;
  • certain online services such as e-Deposit (for online filing of briefs and documents), DPA-Deposit etc;


6.2. Third parties, (governmental) institutions, entities or companies to whom Auguste mediation is entitled or (legally) obliged to transfer your personal data may be located both inside and outside the European Union. Auguste mediation is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the further processing of your personal data by these third parties in the context of the transfer of personal data.




7.1. Your personal data will be stored on a secure server located in Belgium.


7.2. We will not retain your personal data for longer than necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in Article 3, unless its retention or processing is subject to special legal provisions. Auguste mediation is relieved of its professional liability under Article 2276bisBivil Code and no longer responsible for preservation of documents five years after the termination of its task. In this sense, Auguste mediation must keep your personal data for at least five years after the termination of its task.




8.1. You have the right to be informed about the modalities of processing your personal data. This is communicated to you through this privacy policy.


8.2. You have the right to request us to:


  • inspection of your personal data. You may obtain one copy of the requested information free of charge. If you request additional copies, Auguste mediation may charge you a reasonable fee for this as an administrative cost.
  • correction of your personal data;
  • deletion of your personal data, unless the processing is necessary:
    • for exercising the right to freedom of expression and information;
    • for fulfilling a legal obligation of Auguste mediation, such as its obligation to keep files and data on you for five years in the context of lawyers’ professional liability (Article 2276bisCivil Code);
    • for the establishment, exercise or substantiation of a (legal) claim.
  • restriction of processing that concerns you.


8.3. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You may object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing at any time and free of charge.


8.4. You have the right to transfer your personal data to another controller. For example, you may request us to deliver your file directly to your lawyer who succeeds Auguste mediation.


8.5. If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent (see Article 4 above), you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, withdrawing your consent does not operate retroactively and does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent prior to its withdrawal.


8.6. You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. You can find more information regarding this authority through the following link: In case of a complaint, please contact us at


8.7. The exercise of your rights, as set forth above, is subject to the requirements and conditions set forth in the AVG.


8.8. To exercise the above rights, you may simply send a request to Auguste mediation at provided that you can sufficiently identify yourself.


If Auguste mediation has reasons to doubt your identity, it may ask you for such additional information that would be necessary to confirm your identity. Typically, Auguste mediation will request a copy of your identity card to verify who is effectively making a request.




9.1. We take all appropriate security measures to protect your personal data. This includes the necessary measures regarding access control, physical and operational security, in particular with respect to the Website and the servers of Auguste mediation.


9.2. We keep a processing register which also describes the (categories of) processing of your personal data.


9.3. We cooperate with competent data protection authorities if requested by them.


9.4. We will, where necessary and/or required, address security incidents and data breaches (including unlawful processing, loss, unavailability


9.5. Auguste mediation is not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (“Data Protection Officer”) nor to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (“Data Protection Impact Assessments”). Indeed, the processing of personal data by an individual lawyer cannot be considered large-scale processing (see recital 91 of the AVG).


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