Family mediation

No one benefits from endless court proceedings. These often take up valuable time, have a high cost and sometimes cause deep emotional wounds. While waiting for a court ruling, all parties involved live in uncertainty, with no control over what comes their way. 

Family mediation offers an alternative. A neutral and independent mediator helps the various parties to resume dialogue. This is done in complete confidentiality and discretion, with the end goal being a joint agreement that takes into account the different concerns and needs of all parties around the table. This may concern – among other things – the division of assets, the children’s residence arrangements or the contact between grandparents and grandchildren.   

Mediation is a much more efficient and faster way to find a way out of a conflict.

Mediation is a much more efficient and faster way to find a way out of a conflict. In a comfortable and confidential setting, people can tell their story, something there is hardly room for in court. However, it requires a lot of customization and creativity to work out a settlement that works for all parties involved in large assets.

It is perfectly possible to match the spouse’s maintenance allowance with current investments or to link payment terms to certain assets that are still fixed. Creativity is infinite in the context of mediation and is often lacking in court proceedings, simply because the judge does not have sufficient legal tools.

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