Working method

Our mediation takes place in an informal, comfortable and discrete setting. For each mediation case we use the same structure. 

An introductory interview

The process begins with an introductory conversation. The mediator explains the practicalities of the process and the content of the mediation protocol, which must be signed by the parties. The mediator then explains in detail the different stages of the mediation process.

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Formulating all different standpoints

In the next meeting, all parties are given time and space to formulate and interpret their positions. Here the focus is still mainly on the past and the path the parties have taken prior to the first mediation meeting.

The interests of all parties

The focus subsequently shifts to what the parties consider important in the future. Together with the mediator, parties will try to articulate all points of view in a positive way. From this stage in the process, there is no looking back but forward, by focusing on what all parties need in order to start their next phase of life. This may include financial security, a clear residence arrangement for the children or a proper division of assets. The mediation objectives are being set, but in this stage, nothing is carved in stone yet.

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The option phase

In the next phase, the various objectives of the mediation are fleshed out in concrete terms. It is a brainstorming session in which all possible options are discussed. Only then will it be examined which options both parties can agree on and what the basis of an agreement can be.

The agreement

Once all parties have agreed, the outcome is translated into a legal text, which is signed by the parties involved and the mediator. This text can be ratified by a judge or – if real estate is to be transferred – the agreement can also be formalized in a notarial deed at the notary.

The duration of a mediation process depends on various factors, for example how serious the conflict is and how complex their specific situation is. The objective is to quickly and efficiently reach an agreement that works for all parties.

We aim to relieve our clients of their concerns to the greatest extent possible, and to offer them services that exceed their expectations.

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