Julie Borms

As a lawyer specializing in family and family property law, Julie Borms has handled numerous cases over the past ten years. From that practical experience, she was confronted time and again with the limitations and significant disadvantages associated with court proceedings.

She noticed that for many clients handling a divorce in court was often an unpleasant experience. Far too often, such proceedings strike deep wounds that make it almost impossible for the parties involved to deal with each other in a constructive way later on. Moreover, the outcome of court proceedings is quite unpredictable. Two judges may assess an identical case in very different ways, especially when there are large, complex assets or situations where the parties maintain a very high standard of living. This is why Julie Borms, as a lawyer, focuses as much as possible on a negotiated solution.

Mediation makes it possible to obtain a much faster, more efficient, cost-efficient and more creative agreement for all parties involved.

Mediation offers the opportunity to be creative. Parties can pursue a settlement that is entirely tailored to their specific needs, pursue a fiscally or financially optimal settlement, which may or may not be reached in consultation with confidants, tax experts, accountants and so on.

That is why Julie Borms retrained as a certified mediator and started her own mediation office: Auguste mediation. Through mediation, all parties involved retain control over their own situation. It allows us to reach a settlement that works for everyone. The end result is a tailor-made legally enforceable agreement, that enables all parties to move on with their lives as quickly as possible and to enter their next phase of life with peace of mind.


  • Master in Law, University of Antwerp
  • Special study in Registration and Inheritance Tax at the University of Antwerp in 201
  • Postgraduate Estate Planning Free University of Brussels in 2018
  • Postgraduate Estate and Succession Planning – Bruges – Business School (KU Leuven) in 2020. Completed with high distinction.
  • Certified mediator – training at New Deal Academy – graduated with high distinction


  • Dutch
  • English


We aim to relieve our clients of their concerns to the greatest extent possible, and to offer them services that exceed their expectations.

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